Services we offer

We take great pleasure in meeting your safety needs by providing a wide variety of excellent fire protection services. Our sales and service offerings, which cover a wide range of fire protection equipment, demonstrate our dedication to protecting people and property.

Fire Equipment

Sales and servicing solutions for  fire equipment. Our range includes various kinds of fire extinguishers that can be used on different kinds of fires. This makes sure that the right tools are always on hand. Along with fire extinguishers, we also sell high-tech fire hose reels that can put out fires in a controlled and effective way.
Our services also include setting up and taking care of fire hydrants.

Fire Detection Systems

Our state-of-the-art fire detection systems are designed to detect and alert occupants of the presence of smoke, fire, or other fire-related emergencies. Our systems are also used to protect your property against fire.Fire detection systems are required in most commercial buildings and are perfect for student accommodation and office blocks.

Gas Suppression Systems

Sales and servicing of gas suppression systems, ensuring rapid and effective fire control.

Gas suppresion systems will reduce the oxygen content to below 15% within the protected area. Smoke detectors are installed and will detect any early presence of smoke and activate the system.This system will automatically extinguish the fire without human intervention.


Safety includes drafting and implementation of safety management systems; compiling of site-specific safety files; co-ordinating required safety training; drafting of emergency plans; drawing of emergency escape diagrams/plans (To display in buildings); vetting of contactors; auditing contractor safety files; and building compliance audits


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